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The windy, colder days of winter have probably left leaves, limbs and bare spots on your lawn. Now is the time to prepare for the growing season. A healthy lawn starts with a good spring cleanup. Whether or not you elected winter services, it’s time to spring into the warm-season and plan for cleanup. We Will start by debris and trash clean up that build up on your property from nature and the modern environment over the winter months. We address cool-season weeds that can grow all winter long. We always recommend leaving perennials until spring because the dormant plants and grasses act as homes for beneficial insects and butterflies. If you cut back perennial plants and grasses in fall, which many property owners are apt to do, then you essentially remove those hibernating spots for important creatures. Ideally, we try to leave perennial plants and grasses standing as long as possible into Spring to ensure the survival of the greatest number of beneficial insects and butterflies. Edging does far more than improve appearance. It prevents material loss; maintains bed shape and form; and  creates edged tree rings that protect plants’ trunks. After removing debris and weeding, and then edging beds, mulch is applied to landscape beds. Mulch is beneficial because it reduces erosion, helps control weeds, limits soil evaporation and moderates soil temperature. Now that you’ve created a nice, clean appearance and set up your landscape for a healthy growing season, prevent weeds from cropping up by using a pre-emergent herbicide product. additional spring services that provide that continuity of care to carry your landscape into the summer season. Those activities include plant fertilization, insect and disease control, and turf preparation

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